I'm having a big pain with starter content feature of Wordpress. At the moment I'm using the hook customize_save_after to get the posts, using the normal function I use to get posts get_posts. It's the last hook I found in the part of the customizer that gets the starter content and apply in the site.

I put 11 products (I work with WooCommerce) in the posts section of the starter content, but when I will select them in customize_save_after, appear only 5 products, why is that?

Why WordPress mixed the customizer changeset API with the starter content? It's very confusing to handle them together, they could be two different features separately.

I want to rely in a hook that I will have all the posts of starter content applied.

PS.: there's no much official documentation about this feature. The only thing I found was this post: https://make.wordpress.org/core/2016/11/30/starter-content-for-themes-in-4-7/. In the theme handbook there's no section about this.

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