Our front office recently realized one of our pages was missing all of its content. (Theme, navbar and sidebar, are all intact.) I check the page in WordPress and it shows the latest Revision was published June 2018.

My supervisor is confident this page has not been empty for a whole year. But, the revision in June 2018 does appear to be empty as well.

I am trying to get a grasp of what is going on/what has happened. We recently created a staging environment using a copy of our live site. I don't think this process would have disrupted this single page.

We have work completed in May 2019 on a different page that is present on Staging and live. So it appears to be related to this specific page only.

  1. Revision history does not seem complete. How does this occur?
  2. Our Cpanel is showing all files have a modified timestamp = the day we performed a full backed up and then created the staging environment. Is that accurate?
  3. Hesitant to restore the full back up of Cpanel as we have made changes since that back up. Is it possible to review the back up of Cpanel? Manually reviewing the exported .zip file doesnt seem possible.

Thanks All

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