I've tried to Google this but to no avail. I'm a newbie at programming but I can say I'm adept at configuring WP - pretty please, please bear with me. :)

I have a CUSTOM_TAXONOMY that when viewed, the archive's url is example.com/custom_taxonomy/actual_taxonomy/.

Since I wanted my posts to have this new custom taxonomy's slug in all my post urls, I went to Settings >> Permalinks in WP dashboard and set it to "Custom Structure" of example.com/%custom_taxonomy%/%postname%/, I am able to actually get my goal of having standard posts with that url scheme.

However, when I was about to create a wp page with url: example.com/actual_taxonomy to properly display the archives for my custom taxonomy with some few added designs, it seems that example.com/custom_taxonomy is turned into an auto-archive, with the same layout as the one in the second paragraph above.

I really wanted to create my own page and set the url as example.com/actual_taxonomy, however it's already there because I've set it in Settings >> Permalinks. Is there any way to avoid this issue? Much thanks guys!

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As far as I understand your question, you're looking to list out taxonomies on one page and you already set URL for post(s).

This URL can help with creating custom taxonomy page. Go through it and I'm sure that's your solution.

  • Thanks @Milan! I went through the site and I understood about templates, however in this case I want to be able to edit the page example.com/actual_taxonomy without it already being the archive for the relevant taxonomy.
    – Bacorrito
    Jun 18, 2019 at 11:09

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