I have some page status on my wordpress platform : All, mine, draft,published and ARCHIVED as you can see on the picture below

wordpress pages status

When i go to pages, default view is on ALL pages a got 62 pages on my exemple.

I want to hide archived page on the default view. So on ALL(62) i want to see all pages except Archived status pages. The archived pages must still be visible if we go to Archived tab.

I want to filter only draft and published pages, so i tried this URL on the browser :


But it doesn't work.

Thanks for help.

  • WordPress does not feature an "Archived" status. Are you using a plugin to add this? – Jacob Peattie Jun 17 at 13:17
  • yes i added archived status and i want to hide it from all status view page – sampaii Jun 17 at 13:52

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