I have followed Giving WordPress it's own directory for directions on how to accomplish this on www.mysite.com (once it goes live) but I'm looking for localhost directions to serve my site to localhost directly with WordPress in a SubFolder (I don't think you change .htaccess for localhost).

My WordPress installation is at /sitefolder/arc/...

How can I browse to localhost and see my site as opposed to the way it is now, having to navigate to localhost/sitefolder/arc?

I am guessing its something in the DocumentRoot?

I am using WAMP.



You have two alternatives:

  1. Change the DocumentRoot directive in the WAMP httpd.conf file (use CTRL+F to find it). That way you will change the whole root folder of your server, be aware of that!

  2. Create a virtual host that will bind a domain to a particular subfolder in your document root (similar to subdomains logic). Here some article that might help:


I personally prefer the second option, is better than modify the entire document root. With a virtual host you choose if you want to use the root or a subdirectory.

Be happy!


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