I would like to hide one specific category of a classifieds plugin (ACADP) when submitting a classified using the plugin form, but only when the logged-in user is registered on the free membership.

I have two different memberships set with Memberpress. And I would like the users registered on the free membership not to be able to post classifieds on the category “1” of ACADP plugin. Meaning hiding the acadp category id=1 from the form whose shortcode is [acadp_listing_form] to users whose membership is “123”. Memberpress use filters or shortcode such as [mepr-active membership=”123″] and snippet such as:

<?php if(current_user_can('mepr-active','membership:123')): ?>Content to protect<?php endif; ?>

And ACADP plugin has shortcode like [acadp_category id=1].

But I can't get it working,

Anyone with an idea? Thks

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