I manage a web site for a charity. We are in the process of moving from WebPlus (no longer supported by Serif) to WordPress. Once the move is complete I would like to introduce a database of members, activities, venues etc. and populate the web pages directly from the database, rather than having to manually edit the data on a number of pages. I am fairly proficient in PHP and SQL and have written some basic PHP that does enable me to retrieve and display data from the database via PHP code snippets. Before I go any further I would like some advice on the best way forward. Is there any advantage in using wpdb, or should I stick with direct PHP, which I am now comfortable with? Are there any (free!) plugins that would help? Any suggestions? Thanks.

  • This is probably not the best place for this broad question. You can always try the official WordPress support forums or their IRC. My opinion: if you decide on WordPress, you should stick with it. That means using their methods and styles - your members could be a Custom Post Type, or you could use bbPress (or other plugins). Dive deeper into WP and then decide on something – kero Jun 13 at 11:12

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