I need to retrieve the name of all the categories that a given user has published posts for. If I can also get a URL for the archive of that cat for that user only, this would make me very happy.

How do I get a list of all categories that a given user has written blog posts for (and possibly the URL for that user's cat specific archive)?

What I've got so far:

From what I have learned, I have guessed:

  $list = get_terms( $args );

or maybe

  $cats = get_categories( 'hide_empty=0' . '???' );

One, both, or neither of these might be what I need. Can anyone help me get this across the finish line?

  • You're going to need SQL for this one. – Jacob Peattie Jun 13 at 6:13
  • Dang. Should have expected that my luck would run out sooner or later. SQL it is then. – Matthew Brown aka Lord Matt Jun 13 at 6:23

As, much as I know about WordPress we have to ways to achieve this.

First: You have to retrieve all posts written by an author an then you can fetch categories assigned to those posts. Store them in an array uniquely.

$args = array('author' => $author->ID, 'posts_per_page' => -1, 'fields' => 'ids');
$authorArticles = get_posts($args);
$postList = array();
foreach($authorArticles as $key => $article){
    if(!in_array($article, $postList)){
        $postList[$key] = $article;
$termsList = array();
$siteURL = site_url('/category/');
foreach($postList as $article){
    $terms = get_the_terms($article, 'category');
    foreach($terms as $term){
            $termsList[$term->term_id] = ['term_id' => $term->term_id, 'term_url' => $siteURL.$term->slug];
echo '<pre>', print_r($termsList), '</pre>';

Second: As, suggested by @Jacob you have to use SQL for retrieving list of categories.

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