sorry maybe its off topic but i couldn't find any answer in oceanwp and woocommerse forums

i use oceanwp them and elementor for design and my problem is main menu hide single products tittle

this is the site URL you can see main menu hide product tittle

this is another issues

this is the expect when page load time i can get this view and if i refresh i get this

break UI

how can i fix this issues?

note: if is off topic and if some know how to solve this please help to fix this issues thank you

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    Set css for your main content area div. .single-product .site-main{margin-top:70px;} and also use media query for setting the margin in responsive view.
    – Bhupen
    Jun 12, 2019 at 12:19

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Try to open in incognito mode and then check once and let us know if problem exists then fix the design using custom css code.

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