I simply have a quick question. I've found information related to this, but I'm not completely sure if this is possible. I know that I can create a second database connection using the wpdb object as follows:

$new_db = new wpdb(usr, pw, name, host);

However, is this compatible with an Oracle database that wouldn't have any of the Wordpress tables?


This should be possible. You can try

    function seconddb() {
         global $seconddb;
         $seconddb = new wpdb('Username','password','database name','localhost')

in your functions.php. Then you can fire a query to the new db like
$seconddb->get_row( "SELECT * FROM yourtable..." ); instead of $wpdb->get_row().


Although this got asked some time ago, it came time to actually implement this and ran into issues (see: Connecting to external oracle database)

The answer is no. Oracle is not a mysql based database, thus wordpress will not be able to connect to it via wpdb.

For more information see the linked post.

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