For every product in WooCommerce I can add a purchase note (screenshot). This purchase note is displayed on all subsequent emails to the customer. Via custom PHP, how can I hide the purchase note on one specific email--the 'order completed' email in my case.

Is there a WooCommerce provided hook I can use? The main WooCommerce template governing this email is customer-completed-order.php. But that doesn't allow me to hide just the purchase note for a particular item--it allows me to hide all of the details for all items.

Alternatively, is there a way with PHP to check which particular email I am currently rendering, e.g.

if ($wc_email_template == "order_completed") {
// Execute this code.

If I can do that, then my issue would be resolved. The reason I say that is because there exists another WooCommerce email template, email-order-items.php. In it, I can indeed hide the purchase note. But this applies to all emails, which I don't want. So in this template, if I can insert a conditional to check if the email in-question is the 'order completed' email, it would resolve my issue.

Possible Solution?

From this previous post, maybe I can use the following to check if the email is the 'order completed' email.

$mailer = WC()->mailer();
$mails = $mailer->get_emails();
foreach ( $mails as $mail ) {
     if ( $mail->id == 'customer_completed_order' ) {
           // Execute my desired code here.

Not sure if that would that work though. This code snippet seems to check if the 'customer_completed_order' email exists. But in my case, I'm trying to insert that code into the PHP template that creates that very same email--so it sounds like the 'customer_completed_order' email will not exist yet, meaning this check will always fail.


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I think you're correct about that code snippet only checking the for the availability of the email. But you can probably still make your alternative approach work: the WC_Email classes set $sending to true when they're in the process of sending. So you could check something like:

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    OK thanks for that. That check does indeed do what I need it to do. I'm going to move forward with that, and consider this the answer. Thanks!
    – cag8f
    Jun 11, 2019 at 7:53

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