I am trying to display the images in the media library inside the elementor view.

When I try to upload files programmatically, the file is uploaded but not displayed in the Media Library grid view. Until I refreshed the page.

On the other other hand, if I upload images using Media Library upload button, it gets automatically displayed in the grid view.

Why is that. ?


You have to insert the following :

wp_postmeta This table contains 2 records:

  1. For the URL meta_key: _wp_attached_file meta_value: image url post_id: meta_id:

  2. post_id and meta_id are the same as record above. meta_key: _wp_attachment_metadata meta_value: serialize size information

wp_posts A record entry for each image, where it is entered into a post, along with the post ID.

Without these records, WordPress does not know to display the uploaded images.

  • I am faced with this exact same annoying issue. Unfortunately I don't understand your answer here. Are you saying we have to make two manual DB entries every time we upload a new image? That's far more annoying than just saving and refreshing the Elementor page, at which point they appear in the media gallery within Elementor. Or am I misunderstanding your answer? – JVC Mar 4 at 16:43
  • You are miss understanding my answer. This was a while ago for me, so if I can remember. It has to do with the tables in the WordPress system. There is one for wp_postmeta and within that it contains the URL meta_key and the post_id. – Debbie Kurth Mar 4 at 21:08
  • The other table is wp_posts_, where there is a record for each entry. To wordpress, the images are just another post-type. You can create PHP code that will insert these yourself into the database and then it will appear in the library. – Debbie Kurth Mar 4 at 21:09
  • OK... I'm not looking to code anything, I just want Elementor to realize that, outside of it I have updated the media library... but it doesn't. So I have to save what I'm doing and reload. Not the end of the world but I was hoping for a better way. Thanks. – JVC Mar 5 at 2:35

Setting wp_posts ID field and wp_postmeta meta_ID field to auto increment, using PhpMyAdmin. SOLVED MY PROBLEM.

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