I need to block or redirect my wordpress admin access to my site visitors

I have block my wordpress backend access using itheme plugin but still i can access using this URL

If you login to my site direct https://my-site.com/wp-login.php it goes to My account page when i add this

?action=register&itsec-hb-token=wp-signup.php <br> 

My site redirection not work

This happen because I'm using the AIO Support Center - WordPress Ticketing System plugin

if any unregistered user want to create any ticket to my site he want to register first or he have to register an account

Don't have an account yet? Register Now!
when the user click the Register now! link it's going to this URL https://my-site.com/wp-login.php?action=register&itsec-hb-token=wp-signup.php

I need to block accessing this URL and user want to redirect to https://my-site.com/my-account/

How can i do this can anyone help me this issue

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