Can anyone explain why I cannot see the role from the code below:

$userID = get_current_user_id();
$user = get_userdata(userID);
<?php echo $user->roles; ?>

but I can see all the other user data such as

<?php echo $user->ID; ?>
<?php echo $user->user_login; ?>

I'm following this documentation.


You can't see any roles printed, because the ->roles field is an Array, so you can't print it using echo. User print_r instead.

You also have an error in this line:

$user = get_userdata(userID);

There is no such thing like userID - it should be $userID.


Please change

$user = get_userdata(userID);


$user = get_userdata(YOUR_USER_ID_VARIABLE);

And check using print_r($user->roles);

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