Say I have a file named content-header.php and content-body.php.

In content-header.php I have this variable:

$some_var = 'apples';

and in content-body.php I have a variable with the same name but different value:

$some_var = 'bananas';

In another file I use:

get_template_part('content', 'header');
get_template_part('content', 'body');

Would $some_var be limited to its own file or overwrite the other? Is it ok to use same variable names in files added through get_template_part()?

Would I have to use unique variable names?

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You can absolutely use the same variable names. Arguments like that do not pass through from one template to another without a little help from a function.

So if in content-header.php you have $fruit = banana; and in content-body.php you have $fruit = apple; you will not have a conflict. Go nuts. Or bananas. ;)

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