I have one wp installation under the domain domain1.tld with information of a specific topic.
Now I want to create a sibling page (different logo, different content) that is related to domain1.local but should be available via domain2.tld.

I think about to possible scenarios for the setup, but I am not sure how to implement scenario 2. For scenario 1 I see the disadvantage, that I do not have a common user database, so that users of domain.tld have to reregister for domain2.tld, what would be a little disgusting. Here are my two ideas:

Scenario 1:
I have a separate new wp installation in another folder with a complete new page... As described my problem is, that this installation has other user database than the other installation. Is there any way to combine the user data into one database?

Scenario 2:
I'll create pages for domain2.tld in my existing wp installation and link the domain to the path.
But: How can I define an other logo for this pages? Do I need another template, that I use for the pages then?

Or is there any better way to create a setup as I described?

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