I have a CPT defined in code called event, and there is a template file for the markup (single-event.php).

I am wondering if it is possible to override a post within the Event CPT with the Gutenberg block editor, instead of using the php template every-time, is this possible?

I would ideally like the template file to apply to all my CPT posts, except one or two of them, which will require much different display.

EDIT: I guess in a more generic sense I am looking for optional template functionality for a CPT. Ability to use the provided template, or ignore it and utilize the block editor with Gutenberg.

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Since 4.7 Custom Post Types have supported custom templates, just like Pages. So you could copy your theme's generic page template to a new template file, and add this to the top.

Template Name: Block editor template
Template Post Type: my-post-type

That will let you switch the template for your my-post-type post to a template that looks and works just like a normal page.

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