I have long pages in my site, in which I would like to put a sticky box containing the titles of the paragraphs/sectiones, so that it will be easy to navigate through the page:

  • by clicking on one of the title in the box, the page will scroll to the corresponding section;
  • moreover, the section currently showing will be highlighted in the box, in this way is easy to understand which section is showing even when the title of the section is not showing in the page.

The result will be something like this

enter image description here

How hard is to achieve this without installing any plugins and/or themes, but just by working in the style.css and other files? If it is too hard, are there any plugin which can help doing this?

I searched a lot on stackexchange and on other sites, but I mainly found how to achieve this with the main menu, not with a sticky box.

What is a good starting point?

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