we are in the process of developing an e-commerce platform. We have the following requirement, kindly read and suggest, how we can achieve this. Your help, feedback is deeply appreciated.

example Part A is compatible with Product A and Product B or more

and in the same way when someone buying Product A or Products C then it should show related spare parts or more related parts. Kind of composite product.

a second most important function I required: the customer should be able to search by its original product or spare part serial number.

Basically, it is a spare parts website and one Part or a Product connected to many other different products/parts.

Since it going to be MultiVendor platform, possibly a few other Sellers might be selling the same item, so the related product should behave in the same manners as described above.

Kindly help if there is any such pre-built script or we can achieve this with the combination of plugins. I am wondering if we can do this using PrestaShop, WooCommerce, OpenCart, Magento, etc.

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