I have the Elementor Pro page builder plugin installed and I want to setup a expanding column so when a button is pressed it expands more Elementor sections.

I'm pretty certain this can be done with jQuery but can't get it to work properly.

I got the button to work using this code

jQuery( document ).on( 'click',  '#MY_BTN', function( event ) {
   // Show/Hide the widget
   jQuery( '#MY_WIDGET' ).toggle();

but I couldn't get the section to hide by default, how do I achieve this?

Many thanks



You can actually hide it on page load using jQuery ready() method:

  • Hello Magefms, I have tried using that code in my custom javascript plugin but no luck. – thomasgardner47 Jun 8 '19 at 9:02
  • is #MY_WIDGET the id of the section? – magefms Jun 8 '19 at 10:17
  • Hi magefms, yes but once clicking on the button it disapears. – thomasgardner47 Jun 8 '19 at 12:19
  • can you show me the section code? you can actually set the default visibility by an in-line CSS style – magefms Jun 8 '19 at 12:44
  • Hi magefms, of course i can, but ill have to provide a link to an image screenshot of the code which I hope will be suitable. link – thomasgardner47 Jun 8 '19 at 15:50

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