I am making a paid subscription site using Paid Memberships Pro and I need to make some custom actions by user role.

All I have found is conditionals for current user, so I figured I can check current user for the user role and add to the user custom taxonomy/category and then use the taxonomy for the necessary actions.

I couldn't find a way to add taxonomy to user based on his user role. All I found is add term by post/user ID and that's not helping me. I need all the action to be configured once and run automatically for every new member and post.

So first, what is the right way to find automatically each new paid member (the user role changing after the payment) and make some conditional action that should impact all the posts of this user?

By role/tax/cat/tag?

If I add taxonomy to a user, all of his new posts also attached to this taxonomy?

After we find the right way to make conditional logic for my site, I have a designed post grid that show all the members posts (free & paid). What I need is that all the posts belong to the paid subscribers will appear first randomly.

*The posts I'm referring to are custom post type.

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