This seems common but I can't seem to find a solution. Trying to avoid using a plugin because this feels straightforward. I'm looking to create three user types, I want each to be able to access certain pages on the sites (different sales pages) or allow access to a whole subdirectory or group of pages. (ideally)

What I'd like to do is something like the following:

// Create custom user role

$result = add_role( 'client', __('Sales Person'),

'read' => true, // true allows this capability
'edit_posts' => false, // Disallows user to edit their own posts
'edit_pages' => false, // Disallows user to edit pages
'edit_others_posts' => false, // Disallows user to edit others posts not just their own
'create_posts' => false, // Disallows user to create new posts
'manage_categories' => false, // Disallows user to manage post categories
'publish_posts' => false, // Disallows the user to publish, otherwise posts stays in draft mode
'edit_themes' => false, // false denies this capability. User can’t edit your theme
'install_plugins' => false, // User cant add new plugins
'update_plugin' => false, // User can’t update any plugins
'update_core' => false // user cant perform core updates

to create the role, and then specify a set of additional pages that only that can access. (no need to restrict other typical levels, editors, sub, admin etc since only admin used)

Right now the only solutions I can see is this which forces people to a specific page, which is a bit less lenient than I'd prefer but basically does what I want. Although even with this, I assume I can look in SQL DB to match the id of custom created users (I hope)

Restricting users to a specific front end page

It seems like cobbling these two together I could allow access to a certain page by checking for a a specific user role. But the downside is that I'd then have to check for the id of potentially many pages.

How to check if a user is in a specific role?

Wordpress Page Restrict

I know there there is also an option to test if a person can access a page and then deny them, but again kind of more specific then what I'm looking for. I assume there has to be some kind of way to attach $capabilities to a user where you can just list a set of pages or posts only they can access?


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