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I have an issue with my new wordpress website running WooCommerce plugin.

There is a random letters added in all website links “?v=d3d4c5deb455”

I tried deactivating the addon’s and it didn't work - only the letters disappeared when I deactivate “WooCommerce” plugin ... which i cant really deactivated cause it an online store

I tried changing the theam and went back the default template also it didn't work

Screenshot https://www.ienajah.com/up/do.php?img=1171 Website : knzshop.com

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This has to do with geolocation, and is functionality built into Woocommerce.


See under the title on that page Geolocation, with a hint of Ajax

This seems to be a pretty good write-up of the functionality and how to disable it:


  • thanks it defiantly helped me – Hamoooodi Jun 1 at 10:28

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