We have a WP Multisite network (subdomains) and one of the subsites contains information for multiple states and we would like to organize the content so that the urls display as follows:





One goal is to constrain user navigation to only the posts and pages relevant to the state they are in. (Much as multilingual plugins do - mysite.com/en/content categories-posts-pages

I am unsure of the best way to accomplish this for 50 states. Maybe I am overthinking this.

One suggestion I received was to use a state as a category on every post or page /cat_state_name/subcategory/post-1

However, that would not seem to constrain a user to navigating only pages for a selected state.

Another suggestion I received was to use a dedicated multisite network with a subdirectory structure and create 50 sites on the network )one for each state). However, that seems like overkill.

Since multilingual plugins like WPML (which we use) can accomplish this, surely I am just missing something about how to accomplish this with states. Ultimately, the site structure will include multiple languages per state





Any assistance will be appreciated.

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