I'm trying to figure out how to have Social Warfare use something different than $post_data, or to use a filter to change $post_data to what I want before it gets used.

Our website has two parts:

  1. The "normal" wordpress part, which has blog posts, where the Social Warfare plugin works normally. Runs at <website>/
  2. The "SPA" part of the website. Wordpress hosts this under a specific post/page ID (1707) and it runs on <website>/job-offers?slug=<slug>.

Whenever I click "share" under the job-offers page, the tweet and/or facebook post just links to <website>/job-offers. It also always uses the same title for every job-offer on the website.

I've looked into the files of Social Warfare, and it seems to be using $post_data from the wordpress API. Is it possible to change this?

On load, I check for $_GET['slug'] and if it's available, I do an API call that gives us all the data we need to send to the template to render the page. So it actually doesn't use Wordpress' API data ($post_data), but uses our own ($body_data).

Does someone have experience with this kind of "hybrid" Wordpress/Vue application in combination with social sharing plugins? Am I "doomed" to be using my own implementation?

If you need more information to give me solid advice, please ask! I'm pulling my hair out at the moment. Thank you for your time.

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