I am creating an event booking site on Wordpress:

  1. User clicks on a Book Now on a event page on WP website.
  2. He lands on external page where he can see:
    • Title of event(prefilled and uneditable),
    • Event id (hidden) (prefilled),
    • Groupsize,
    • Currency preselected by default
  3. Once he clicks on Pay on this page, It will fetch the price of the event from DB and then multiply with 5 and the make a call to an external page.
  • I'm not sure why you have wordpress.com & wordpress.org tagged. Which are you on? – rudtek May 25 at 15:44

I'm not sure what do you want and i don't know why cannot comment...

Anyways when the user click over pay, make a request and retrieve from DB the cost then just make a redirect with your language to other page.

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