I am trying to combine two preg_match patterns separate with ,|,.

/blog\/page\/[0-9]+\/?$/ with /tag\/ skip in /blog/page/ and /tag/
/page\/[0-9]+\/?$/ with /[0-9]+\/?$/ ex. /page/2/ and only /2/
/(page\/[0-9]+\/?)$/ with /([0-9]+\/?)$/

    function redirect_pagination() {
    if(!preg_match('/blog\/page\/[0-9]+\/?$/,|,/tag\/', $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'])) {
        if(preg_match('/page\/[0-9]+\/?$/,|,/[0-9]+\/?$/', $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'])) {
            $new_url = preg_replace('/(page\/[0-9]+\/?)$/,|,/([0-9]+\/?)$/', '', $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']);
            wp_redirect($new_url, 301);
add_action( 'init', 'redirect_pagination', 1 );
  • what do you want to do?
    – user134414
    May 25, 2019 at 16:26
  • I want to redirect pages such as /post-name/page/2/, /post-name/2/ to /post-name/ except for /blog/page/ and /tag/. I do this with two functions, but I know it is possible with just one.
    – tw8sw8dw8
    May 25, 2019 at 16:55

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I think this is what you are looking for

if (preg_match('@^/((?!blog|tag)[^/]+)/(?:page/)?\d+@', $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'], $m)) {
    wp_redirect("/$m[1]", 301);

The regexp uses lookahead to make sure that the first match isn't blog or tag.

The '[^/]+' part matches anything that isn't a forward slash (/).

(?:page/)? - Makes an optional match against 'page/'

\d+ - Match against any number.

This will not redirect '/blog/2 if you want '/blog/2' to be redirected but not '/blog/page/2' then change the regexp above to read 'blog/page' where it now says 'blog'.

PS: I know this is 5 months old and you have probably moved on by now but I'll put this here anyway in case someone else needs help with the same issue.

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