How to process the textarea field with the standard WordPress function wpautop() when clicking the button?

Here's the form:

<textarea id="my_ta">Lorem ipsum!</textarea>
<button id="button_processing_ta">Обработать</button>

Here's the handler (to function.php):

  function my_action_javascript() { ?>
      document.getElementById( 'button_processing_ta' ).addEventListener( 'click', function() {
        let my_ta = document.getElementById( 'my_ta' );

        // ???
        wpautop( my_ta.value );
  <?php }

  add_action( 'admin_print_footer_scripts', 'my_action_javascript', 99 );

Sorry for my English...

  • you would need to make a request to the server in javascript – Tom J Nowell Apr 8 at 11:39

Take a look at AJAX in Plugins which uses admin-ajax.php. This is a way for you to interact with WordPress via a javascript request to WordPress.

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