In my WP plugin I have a simple form and corresponding function:


 * Partial of the události
 * @package    vysledky
 * @subpackage vysledky/admin/partials

    add_action( 'admin_post_udalosti', 'proved_udalosti_test' );
    function proved_udalosti_test () {
        echo "I am in my function";


<div id="udalosti" class="wrap">
<h3>Zadej zobrazení událostí</h3>
<form action="<?php echo admin_url('admin-post.php'), '?action=udalosti'; ?>" method="post">
<table style="line-height:70%;">
<tr><th><input type="submit" name="proved" value="Zobraz události" /></th></tr>

The echo string does not display, blank page instead. Where do I make mistake?

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You need to add another action to allow anonymous (not logged in) users to submit the form.

add_action( 'admin_post_udalosti', 'proved_udalosti_test' );
// Allows anyone to submit this form.
add_action( 'admin_post_nopriv_udalosti', 'proved_udalosti_test' );
  • All this is running with superadmin logged-in during website administration.
    – j-prause
    May 23, 2019 at 18:55
  • Understood. If that's the case, you'll want to move the action from the template to somewhere else. May 23, 2019 at 19:21

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