It doesn't work at all.

  function owner_columns($columns)
        $columns['views'] = 'Owner';    
        return $columns;
     add_filter('manage_edit-listing_columns', 'owner_columns');

  function custom_posts_table_content( $column_name, $post_id )
      if( $column_name == 'Owner' )
          echo 'Test';      

  add_action( 'manage_edit-listing_custom_column', 'custom_posts_table_content',10,2);
  • I have edited your question and formatted the code properly. I'm not sure why you removed the formatting. – Jack Johansson May 23 at 11:19
  • thanks a lot, was a mistake – Lokesh Das May 23 at 13:24

You can also use Admin Columns plugin which makes your task easy.

If you want to go with custom solution > https://www.skyverge.com/blog/add-woocommerce-orders-list-column/

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