I have an issue where the WP Admin Bar is transparent on some pages on the site. It's there and all the links are clickable, however, it is not viable.

I am using a child version of the Divi Theme but the issue is still there when I make the switch back to the standard theme.

When I inspect the page I notice that the following CSS is active.

#wpadminbar .screen-reader-shortcut {
    position: absolute;
    top: -1000em;

If I remove the 'top: -1000em;' then the bar appears. I am not sure why style is active and it is being taken from the 'admin-bar.min.css' which I have not overwritten or made any changes to.

My question is has anyone else come across this issue and do you have a recommendations to fix it without just overwriting the style?

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    Check to see where that property is set. You're using the Inspector to find the property - you need to also use it to identify the specific stylesheet the property comes from. That way you can determine if it is coming from a plugin or your theme, and if so, which one. – butlerblog May 22 at 13:31
  • I have already inspected the style and it is coming from the 'admin-bar.min.css' file which is a WP file. It only creates this issue on some pages and I am not sure why that is. – Ashley Preen Jun 5 at 11:09

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