I'm trying to break a single page into multiple subpages. Started out using <!--newpage--> html comments, but then decided to switch to a customized version of the multipage plugin.

The basic functionality is the same, but it adds a 'table of contents' to the post and allows each <!--newpage--> section to have its own name, which is then used to list it in the 'table of contents'.

So far so good! This is exactly the functionality I'm trying to achieve, except for one problem:

The URL structure uses numbers to paginate to the subpages. For example:

site.com/page -> main page
site.com/page/2 -> first subpage
site.com/page/3 -> second subpage

Now the problem is that I don't want the permalink structure to use numbers, but to use a custom slug for each subpage based on the subpage's name:

site.com/page -> main page
site.com/page/subpage-slug-a -> first subpage
site.com/page/subpage-slug-b -> second subpage

I've tried a number of workarounds, but they all result in 404s or break the paginator's functionality... any ideas?

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