Is there a shortcode or a function available so that i can show the "forgot password form" on a custom wordpress template? Actually i always have to link to the default lost-password page (/wp-login.php?action=lostpassword) which has the WordPress-Backend styles. I would like to integrate the form in my own template and corportate design

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Seems Frontend Reset Password does what you want. Among other features it also provides you a shortcode to be placed anywhere you want. Styling then is up to you and should be done from your custom (child) theme.

From Reviews:

If you are just looking for simlple forget password plugin without other fancy code, this plugin is all you need. I created custom login and registration form for one website and was thinking to build custom forget password and came on this plugin. I just installed it, added shortcode on page and boom. Everything what i need is in there. Just for information, plugin setting page is inside plugin menu. you can also go to plugin list and click on setting link on plugin page.

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