I am running background job by using add_action hook, hook starts on REST API CALL:

   if ( ! wp_next_scheduled( 'bg_job_hook' ) ) {
          wp_schedule_single_event( time(), 'bg_job_hook');

add_action( 'bg_job_hook', array( $this->$bg, 'do_background' ) );

it works fine, but I would to quit this job, so on another api call I add an option, and inside background job I get this option on every loop. I see that this quit option is updated in DB, but logs from loop shows me that not. If iteration quits, and I will background job again, it will after first loop because get_option shows true..

Why during loop it is not working ?


Ok for some reason caching works strange in WP :) So I resigned from using get_option, and I am doing pure SQL query to DB, and everything works fine.

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