On the Wordpress site I am working on, subscribers will not be allowed to see anything in the backend at all. Because of that I am creating a custom pages for the Wordpress login page that subscribers can access. On the login form there is a "Lost Password" link.

I have managed to redirect most things to my own custom pages, but when someone enters their username in the lost password field, it sends the user an email with a link in it, which redirects them to the Wordpress backend to reset their password. I want to be able to edit that link in the email and redirect them to my own password reset page, but I can't find anywhere to hook in. Can someone give me the right action for hooking into that? I don't want to change any of the Wordpress Core code.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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The filter you're looking for is retrieve_password_message.

The relevant function can be found in wp-login.php (starting on line 165, wp 3.2.x), the filter is applied in line 231.


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