First of all, sorry if the question is not clear the first time, it's a bit tricky to explain.

Here's the issue i've got:

I have a website running locally with mamp pro.

Site name is dev.site (the database wp-option uses the correct name)

The site looks and works fine, but the issue happens when i try to login.

I type in dev.site/wp-admin and i get a 404 page not found. This is strange but i decided to try also wp-login.php

This seems to work (altough without style) but after the login the url looks like this:


which to me looks wrong (dev.site/wp-admin/dev.site/...)?

I've tried everything (deleted .htaccess and created a new one, copied new files from a fresh wordpress zip into the folder to override the old ones, disabled plugins and so on) but i don't know why this happens and what can be the cause. Any suggestion?

For what i know the redirect url should be wp-admin straight away and not that mess i was mentioning above.

Hope this explanation is clear enought and thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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The URL in the wp-options table (in two places) needs to include the protocol - the 'http://' or the 'https://' part. That's why, I believe, you are getting the double 'dev.site' in your URLs.

That's the first think I would check.

  • Ahh good point! Thanks
    – Nick
    May 16, 2019 at 4:23

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