See I have a problem / I now want to display a custom field in a place where this field has several options that I tick if I see it in the product tab. If I do not show, do not display the following codes. Thank you.

  1. The code below shows the field:

    $badges = get_field('badges_product'); 
    if( $badges && in_array('licensed', $badges) ): 
    <?php endif; ?>
  2. But despite this code does not display:

  3. If I put this code instead of the code above:

    global $product;
    $units_sold = get_post_meta( $product->id, 'badges_product', true );
    echo ''. sprintf( __( '%s', 'woocommerce' ), $units_sold ).'';

Now I'm going to put the third code in place of the second code, but I can not do anyone can help me out? Thanks

  • Your question is totally unclear and not understandable… could you please reword it. If you are using Advanced custom fields plugin, you should mention that in your question. – LoicTheAztec May 15 at 20:01

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