I want to implement a system to insert custom links in my wordpress custom theme. I don't want to hardcode these links inside my theme. These links are for the socials or partners website. So they need to be easily changed from WordPress dashboard. I want to avoid registering a custom post type or using a post. Is this possible with a custom function or a similar solution?


You could use ACF https://www.advancedcustomfields.com/ and create a custom field for the links. Then use the value in the template. The ACF web site has some great documentation and examples.


I think there are multiple ways of adding dynamic links to your theme. For example,

  1. Theme Customization API / Customizer
  2. Settings API
  3. Navigation menus
  4. Links manager (maybe outdated?)
  5. If the links are shown on a certain page (template), then maybe a custom meta box

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