This is the desired output:

a.) for taxonomy term = /post-type-slug/taxonomy-term-slug/

b.) for post single = /post-type-slug/taxonomy-term-slug/post-name/

The problem is only one of these setup work at a time. If I setup the post single permalink first, taxonomy term permalink would go to 404, and vice versa.

say for example I want this permalink structure: /products/category-name/product-name/

  • products = post type rewrite slug
  • category-name = taxonomy term slug
  • product-name = post single name

I am using the plugin Custom Post Type UI to create the custom post type and taxonomy.

Setup for custom post type:

  • Post Type Slug = product
  • Has Archive = True
  • Archive Slug = products
  • Custom Rewrite Slug = products

Setup for taxonomy:

  • Taxonomy Slug = product_cat
  • Hierarchical = True
  • Rewrite = True
  • Custom Rewrite Slug = products

Again, only one of the setup works, either the post type single or the taxonomy term. I believe this is because the rewrite rules are already set for the first one created.

Workaround I tried to achieve this permalink structure is to just setup the custom post type as hierarchical and create the post parent as category, but I don't think this is pretty setup.

Is there another way to achieve this?

Is there another way to achieve this?

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