New to wordpress wanted to ask the community if there are any tutorials teaching you how to build filters and getting them to display blog post based on the filters I want to learn so don't want to use plugins. For example I want 4 dropdown menus for post types, categories, tags and authors that display a post based on them. I know that I will have to use a combo of wp_dropdown_categories() and wp_dropdown_users() But just wanted a good starting point. I have tried to look but mostly coming up with how to use plugins and the pluggings I have looked into need paid versions to get all I want.

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    Hi, welcome to the site. Your question is quite broad and is likely to get flagged and closed. You would be better to ask specific, individual questions (ie about a certain filter, or about dropdown menus). WordPress filters allow you to alter data and I don't think this is what you need. For you to "filter" your blog posts, you want to look at adding categories (a type of taxonomy) and also how to use the WordPress template system. – Alexander Holsgrove May 14 '19 at 9:55

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