Here is a complicated question.

I am trying to make a user based website where every user have their own profile page, where they can edit First & Last name, Username, Upload a picture and so on. Which is fine. That part i got covered.

But what I want is a section on my website that shows their profile picture and their name, bio, and what kind of user they are (if have different user categories depending on the work they are doing, like visual designer, picture editor and so forth) on a grid format, with same sized pictures - with the ability to ONLY change their own "post/profile" - (either the post change when the profile changes or vise versa)

I tried to get meta data from their profiles and do it by a custom post area. But cant seem to get that part working.

Right now I have to manually create a post with their name, username, and put them in the right categories.

Is it possible to make a "locked" custom post that are edited when they edit their profile with all the attributes they can edit on their profile section?

  • It sounds like you need to setup some routing add_rewrite_rule to allow /profile/someuser/view to be accessed by anyone, and /profile/someuser/edit to allow the user to edit this profile if it belongs to them. – Alexander Holsgrove May 12 at 13:34

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