i had a wordpress website on xampp let's say in "localhost/listing" and it was working perfectly then i installed another copy of this website on "localhost/mylisting" now the problem is that when i type "localhost/listing/wp-admin" the site redirects itself to "localhost/mylisting/wp-admin" i dont know how to solve this problem. i tried making another directory and copying all contents on listing in it and the problem was same.

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It's because your new copy of the site localhost/mylisting is still hooked into same database as localhost/listing.

So to avoid that, you have to point your new installation to a different database. to do that, goto your phpmyadmin and export your current db, then create new empty db and import into it. then goto newly imported db's wp-options table. change siteURL and homepage URL to localhost/mylisting from localhost/listing.


Change the site url and home url.The problem is database have the old url address thats why you are facing this problem. You can use this code in wp-config file and change url accordingly.




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