1-2 Weeks ago I asked my server provider to transfer my server to a different location as this one was responding slow and was taking time to load pages from far location so I managed to get it transferred to the nearest country.

I have 5 WordPress sites running on my server and all have only 100+ visitors per day per site. After the transfer the WordPress admin panel is running extremely slow of all my sites hosted on my server, they are taking 20-30 Seconds to load any page only in /wp-admin/. The frontend of site is running smoothly without any issue.

I am running ubuntu 18.04 on my server with apache2 2.4.29. What I've done so far is..

  1. Tried to disable all wordpress plugin for an site to see if it changes something or an issue with plugin but no result.
  2. Upgraded all my server packages and removed unwanted one.
  3. Checked open ports if there are any strange ports.
  4. Checked firewall if any connection issue.
  5. Tried an new wordpress instance but it had same issue as well.
  6. Checked ipv6 and ipv4 connection.
  7. Even then the issue persist so at last i rebuild my whole VPS which is enough to prove server provider that the issue is not from my side. But the issue still persist.

I don't know what's the issue. I've been in contact with my server provider for some weeks regarding this issue and they have clearly denied that the issue is from their side. But i checked everything from my side too and there are no issues at all even if there were then they should have been solved after i rebuild my VPS.

How can I speed up my WordPress backend?

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