Experts, I'm a little newbie in the programming area, so I'm having some problems with Wordpress.

It's the following, I'm using a layout in which each category has its sidebar, using a plugin to generate all of them. The problem is that each category has its sidebar, since the posts do not have it, always being a single unique pattern in the single page file. The definition is made so that each publication has its correspondence defined according to the categories.

What is a way to help with this problem already exists, is there a way to solve this with more plugins, what is my idea is to do as changes in the code, without the need to install another program in wordpress?

Thank you all for your attention.

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    Your question is rather difficult to understand. Could you post the code that's creating these sidebars and explain in a little more detail where the sidebars are appearing, and what the problem is? – WebElaine May 9 at 21:22

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