i have a wordpress site that has a two custom pages. When you select a link to find store it takes you to a list of schools and than you select a class from a list. most of the products work but a few tell me page not found. i checked the sql by copying the information from the url into sql and get the list. I get results. it uses post name and a store number. there are only two products that do not work rock paper denim t shirt red and petite cane 80z jar. the site is sfundp.org do i need to redo the products in the main store.

  • I'd guess the product lookup is failing on your /5117-2/ page - the URLs for the Rcok Paper Denim t-shirt and the hat that's next to it on your home page are the same except for the product name in the URL. I think you'll have to just debug that page yourself to see what's going on. How did you build that page? – Rup May 9 '19 at 19:57

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