A WordPress website uses the enfold theme and its content is created with the avia page builder. We have created a new template when it displays the text with the theme of the previous code shortcodes. How do I transfer shortcodes to a new template?

  • make it a child theme of your current theme? – Vishwa May 8 at 4:51
  • @Vishwa I did nothing for the child theme, please give me more tips. I would remind you that the new theme is completely different from the previous one – Milad Karimi May 8 at 5:08
  • your question is lil unclear. explain more. more the details, easier to help – Vishwa May 8 at 5:09
  • @Vishwa We already used the enfold theme, we used avia builder to build the page. The avia builder uses shortcodes. Now! The new theme that we installed, the text of the page is converted into a series of unspecified code, my question is. How to add shortcodes in a new theme, so that the text is displayed correctly. – Milad Karimi May 8 at 5:25
  • do you have avia builder activated on your new wp installation? – Vishwa May 8 at 5:27

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