My site is about DIY and 'making' around the house (let's say).

Current version 5.1.1

I use posts for the content on my site which isn't strictly in "blog" (chronological) format in that each page (post) stands by itself. Each page (post) is part of 2 types of catgeories, say Category 1 and Category 2.

  • Category 1: Area of the house it's for, e.g. Bedroom, Living Room, Kitchen, Office
  • Category 2: Type of project/post, e.g. Renovating, Customizing, Product Review, Things I would Like To Buy, Tutorial

Each post should (i.e. will always) have one category from List 1 and one category from List 2.

An example of an individual post would be:

How to use the advanced functionality of the A123 food processor to make brownies

The categories would be:

Category 1: Kitchen, Category 2: Tutorial

Another example:

ACME Corp just released this lawn-mowing gadget and I can't wait to get my hands on it

Category 1: Garden, Category 2: Things I want to buy

What I would like to do

  1. On each individual post, in the author/date/categories part I'd like to be able to list out the Category 1 and Category 2 like this:

Author: admin

Date: 2019/05/01

Area of the house: Kitchen

Type of project: Tutorial


Author: admin

Date: 2019/06/15

Area of the house: Garden

Type of project: Things I want to buy

  1. In a widget in the sidebar, I'd like to be able to list the Category 1 and Category 2 in separate sections, e.g.


  • kitchen

  • garden

  • bedroom

  • living room

  • office

  • ...


  • tutorial

  • customizing

  • things I want to buy

  • product review

  • ....

Additional info

It is my own personal website with full admin control so I'm not restricted as to what plugins I can install or files I can edit etc.

I'm using the Twenty Sixteen theme and so far only have a Google Fonts plugin.

If possible I would like it to automatically add new Category1/Category2 items if I create them, but if that's too difficult I am open to adding them manually (there is a finite list and won't be that many, less than 10 of each).

  • Separate question, why do you use a plugin to load google fonts? – Vishwa May 8 '19 at 5:16

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