My client has requested the addition of a questionnaire that, in the end, results in the order of a subscription. All of this takes place outside the normal checkout method. Currently, after all the data has been collected I am creating user (customer) for them and logging them in, creating the order with the gathered information, passing it to the Stripe gateway to “process_order” and then, upon success creating a subscription linked to the order. When I omit the gateway all of this works. I know how to apply the gateway to the order and pass the order to the gateway but I can’t figure out how to associate the credit card info to the order or customer so that it will be successful.

  • So I don't like the idea of bumps but it was suggested that I post here from WooCommerce support for assistance but I'm getting the impression no one knows how the Stripe extension works. – Jeremy May 10 '19 at 17:38

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