I am trying to create meta fields to multiple custom taxonomy terms. I put the complete code inside a foreach but nothing is working.

$taxs = get_object_taxonomies( 'product' );

foreach($taxs as $terms){  
    add_action( "{$terms}_add_form_fields", '___add_form_field_term_meta_text' );

Is it possible to use the $terms variable like that?

  • Yes. It is possible. If it's not working then the issue is probably with your ___add_form_field_term_meta_text function. What does that look like? – Jacob Peattie May 2 at 8:43
  • the code was fine coz I t worked without the variable. The problem apparently is Im using get_object_taxonomies from a plugin file, which returns an empty array. For now I put in the tax names manually into an array. Do you know how I can get the get_object_taxonomies to work in the plugin files? – Silvester Vella May 2 at 13:33
  • You need to make sure the code runs after the taxonomies are registered. This normally happens on init. – Jacob Peattie May 2 at 14:24

You can try this :

add_action( $terms.'_add_form_fields', '___add_form_field_term_meta_text' );
  • This works also, but the prob was me using get_object_taxonomies in a plugin file. Which returns an empty array. Know how to get that working? – Silvester Vella May 2 at 13:34

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