Currently I'm creating content for a website. I noticed that in the homepage extension, there was 'homepage' added to the homepage link: www.charlottes-haarmode.nl/homepage

When I tried to remove the 'homepage' behind the link in WordPress (General Settings, see picture). The page went down to a 404. If I also changed the Wordpress address, I couldn't even get into Wordpress anymore (I got that problem solved by going into FTP). Before adjustment in general settings WP After adjustment in general settings WP

I also tried to add code (UPDATE ETC.) in FTP files, also tried on the host server but nothing seems to work. Now I dug a little deeper into the code of the htaccess and index files and ran into this (see pictures). I suspect something isn't right here with a 301 and several files that are named htaccess and index. Does anybody have an idea where I can replace/remove certain files or code to remove the 'homepage' behind the site address?
htaccess file inside homepage folder htaccess file outside homepage folder index file inside homepage folder index file outside homepage folder

  • Questions about WordPress are specifically out of scope here at Super User – Ramhound May 1 '19 at 12:01
  • From your files it sounds like you installed WordPress inside that homepage folder. It is possible but very tricky to set WordPress up to think it's in a higher-up folder. I would recommend moving all your files up into the root folder (www.charlottes-haarmode.nl) and deleting everything from the database. Then you can reinstall WordPress directly in the root and the homepage will be right at that URL. – WebElaine May 1 '19 at 15:46

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